Welcome To Animal Jam 101 With Waltle!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Signing Up!

First you have to create an account!  To do that Click here!  Here is how you do it

First you have to go to Animal Jam
Then click "Sign Up"!
Next you have to choose your animal type and its name!  Click the up and down arrows to find an animal you like!  After you found one you can choose its name!  The first word will be your animals First name and the other two words will be combined to create the Last name.  After your done click "Next".
After you click "Next" you will be brought to this page.  Here you have to put in your Birthday, Your Gender (Male or Female),  Your Age.  then you put in a Username and a password!  After that click "Next".  The next page will ask you for your or your parents email.  Just type it in then your all done!
Finnaly you will have training!  The old panda named Liza will ask you to do a few things like walk and stuff.  Just so you know how to work it.

Well congrats your now a user on Animal Jam!